Starmadepy v0.1

A Python library for manipulating Starmade game data.


Starmadepy is a simple python library that makes parsing and manipulating Starmade game data easy. As this project is fairly new, the only file type that is currently supported is the .smtpl, or Starmade Template file type.

from starmadepy import starmade

# Loads a template file named sometemplatefile.smtpl
# Replaces all grey colored blocks, with orange equivalents

template = starmade.Template.fromSMTPL('sometemplatefile.smtpl')
template.replace({'color': 'grey'}, {'color': 'orange'})'outtemplatefile.smtpl')

Converted Template


It is recommended that you use virtualenv or the virtualenvwrapper.

pip install starmadepy

Projects using Starmadepy

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